Quickstart Guide

Easily setup your Quintessence workspace in just a few minutes.

Getting started

Quintessence is free for 14 days. We will get in touch with you to help you with the integration in your company. If you need information about the pricing, please contact our sales team.

How does Quintessence work?

Just sign up in Quintessence to get a quick and easy start for your new documentation tool.

Quintessence guides you through the required steps to setup your workspace and install it for your company.

Once you've signed up, you can easily invite your team members by typing in their email. You have 5 licenses to test with. If you need more licenses, contact our sales team.

After you invited your team members, you can choose templates we already included, depending on your needs. You can update or delete the templates afterwards or create new templates.

After your successful registration, you can customize your templates on your needs. Now there is only one step left: Integrate your CRM-Tool

Integration of your CRM-Tool

The integration of your CRM-Tool is depending on the active CRM-Tool(s) in your company. Every tool can be integrated in a few minutes. In the integration section, you can find step-by-step guides for each CRM-Tool you can connect to Quintessence. If your Tool is not available, contact us here.

Start documenting

That's it. Your Quintessence workspace setup is done and you and your sales team can now start documenting with Voice.